Andrew Latimer (Camel) – Gibson SG Custom electric guitar, made in USA, circa 1965 ser. no. 5xxxx9; Finish: Polaris white, discolouring in places, blemishing, suspect overspray in places; Fretboard: ebony; Frets: good, refret; Electrics: require attention, original Patent number pickups, covers removed, pickup rewinding, wiring alterations; Hardware: generally good, typical loss to gold plating, replaced tuners (original waffle-back tuners retained); Case: original hard case; Overall condition: fair

Statement of provenance provided by the vendor: “Originally owned by a professional jazz player working in and around Chicago USA until the mid seventies, when it was bought by Andrew Latimer (camel). Andrew transported it back to the UK in its own seat on the plane because the hold on the plane was not pressurised. At that time me and Andrew (who both came from the Guildford area) used to lend / borrow / swap guitars for periods of time for gigs and recordings. This guitar became a favourite of mine so I bought it from him.
The guitar was known at the time as the fretless Wonder and still had the original shallow frets. One of which is retained in the pocket of the case. These were starting to show signs of wear, so I sent it to Roger Giffin at his workshop under the arches in Kew, London, to refret as it is today with slightly fatter frets. That’s how I got the nick name Fatneck. He also changed the machine heads, likewise the original Grover machine heads are retained in the pocket of the case. Because of the type of work I was doing, gigs and recording, mainly in studios in the south of England, to achieve a certain sound at sensible volumes, I had the pickup selection switch rewired to give alternative pick up selection to the norm, which can be easily reversed. I retired from playing on a regular basis in the late eighties and the guitar has been held in my collection ever since.”

Estimate £3000 – 5000 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Sold for £4200 11th December 2019