1983 Squire by Fender JV Series ’62 Vintage Stratocaster electric guitar, made in Japan, ser. no. JV7xxx6, fiesta red finish with surface buckle rash – marks and blemishes, minor dents to the fret board in the first position, ‘Pickup made in USA’ sticker still in tact on the scratch plate, electrics in working order, hard case and original inspection/shipping tag, condition: good

*Provenance- This guitar was purchased new from Kingfisher Music Company, Fleet (original receipt included in sale) on the 31st August 1994 following the vendor reading a glowing review in Guitarist Magazine. In 1985 after another glowing Guitarist Magazine review the vendor fitted the guitar with three Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II pickups (which are included as a separate lot later in the sale). This guitar was used extensively around the South Coast clubs and pubs through the 1980s and 1990s. The original pickups have now been fitted back onto the guitar.

Estimate £400 – 800

Sold for £680 (16th March 2017)