We are delighted to announce the sale of a selection of fine & rare Antique and later guitars from the estate of the late Harvey Hope.

Harvey, an accomplished player and teacher of Baroque and later guitar, collected the instruments on offer from various sources during his playing career.

The instruments will be offered in our next specialist auction of antique and later musical instruments on Friday 15th September, the day after our next quarterly guitar auction.

Guitars from the collection include:

A 1684 guitar by Jean Voboam

A 1675 guitar by Alexander Voboam

A guitar by Georg Stauffer, circa 1820

A 1791 12 string guitar by Juan Pages, Cadiz

A 1770 12 string guitar by Francisco Sanguino, Sevilla

An 18th Century 15 String guitar battante

A 1796 guitar by Battista Fabricatore

A 1973 Martin D-35 acoustic guitar

A 1937 Gibson L5 guitar

A 1950s Gibson ES175 guitar

A French 10 string guitar, probably by Edmond Saunier, circa 1770

Further details on the entire collection, including full listings, descriptions and images will be available over the coming weeks.

For more information, please contact Jamie South or Luke Hobbs