Welcome to our new blog page!

I have decided to start ‘The Auctioneers Blog’ to give our viewers an insight into the world of guitars, specifically selling at auction. This will include my general thoughts on the market, news and updates of wonderful items on offer amongst other things!

Let me introduce myself. My names Luke. Our regulars (buyers and sellers) will already know me. I run the guitar department here at Gardiner Houlgate. I am also one of four auctioneers and the one who wrangles the gavel from lot 1 on guitar auction day!

I have been with the company for 10 years now, building up experience not only as an auctioneer in general, but specifically selling guitars at auction. Many of you have seen the sales grow from the 10 – 20 lots of guitars within our musical instrument auctions, (which we have been holding for over 25 years!) to the event that it has become today, offering some 300 + lots of guitars and related items. This amounts to well over 1000 guitars sold at auction each year within our quarterly auctions.  A lot of guitars to handle and a pleasure handling each one, regardless of make, model age or value. The sales are constantly growing, in quantity and quality. Watch this space!

The sales are not exclusive to high end items. They are inclusive of nearly everything guitar related (within reason!) and as a result the saleroom is always packed on auction day, becoming an event in the guitar calendar and a great meeting point for like minded folk! Not to mention the few hundred people that join in the auction, via live internet bidding.

Many people I meet often say “You really do have the dream job, don’t you?” I cannot disagree. This job enables me to handle many of the guitars I dreamed of playing as a kid. Yes, I am a player. (not the greatest, certainly not as good as I should be for the length of time I have been playing, although many of you will relate to this! At least this helps to give buyers an honest opinion on play-ability, action etc………….) The best way to gain experience and knowledge is to handle as many examples as possible. Its great to learn on the job and you quickly realise its impossible to know everything. Most importantly, it has enabled me (and my colleagues) to meet many great characters, not to mention some of my idols (a chance of celebrity spotting in the saleroom!) . I have made many great friends within the guitar world, many of whom will be friends for life. As tiring as it may be from time to time (like most jobs!) i cannot really say it feels like a ‘job’, for which I feel privileged.

Enough about me for now!

We are now working towards our next auction on Thursday 16th March 2017. The sale is taking shape quite nicely, with the preview being added to as and when items arrive.


It’s an incredibly busy time, as it always is with deadline day not far away (20th February). There are many collections to arrive imminently and I would not be surprised if numbers double! As always, I will be here to assist with condition requests on any items and help out buyers where I can.

I hope to add to this blog weekly (or at least every other), so please keep checking back! I will also take the opportunity to admit that I am not a grammatical genius and I am thankful for spell check! Please bear with my mumbling’s!