Forthcoming Sale Dates

Sale dates are listed below. Catalogue updates can be found under the “Catalogue” section of this website. Illustrated catalogues are published two weeks prior to each sale and can be ordered by contacting the office. The sales can also be viewed online or

All sales commence at 11am, unless otherwise stated.

2018 Sale Dates


Sale Type

Entry Deadline

Monday 29th October

(at The Westbury, Mayfair, London)

Antique & Classical Guitars


Wednesday 12th December


9th November

Thursday 13th December

Amps, Effects, Accessories, Audio & Memorabilia

16th November


Viewing for sales will take place on the Monday and Tuesday the week of sale and the morning(s) of the sale.If you are interested in entering guitars & related items into any of our forthcoming sales, please contact the office for details.All sales are held at our saleroom in Corsham, near Bath unless otherwise stated.

*Please Note: Some guitars may have been made using endangered species, such as Brazilian Rosewood, which is listed on CITES Appendix 1. Brazilian Rosewood is commonly found in the fretboards of guitars dating from the 60s and earlier, as well as in the back and sides of many more recent classical and acoustics. Items of this nature, must be sold with an article 10 certificate, which can be and must be obtained to allow the legal sale, before they are even advertised for sale. We are able to carry out the application process for clients wanting to sell at auction, for a small fee. Items subject to this will need to be with us by the highlighted deadlines above, as the application process can take up to three weeks. Please contact Luke Hobbs for further information.