Prince – Andy Beech made Cloud guitar, bearing a label to the reverse inscribed ‘Property of PRN Music Corp. (612) 474-6630, PM16186’, finished and set up by Zeke Clark and signed within the neck pickup cavity ‘Zeke for Prince (love sign)’, within a fitted hard case bearing a lanyard tag inscribed ‘PRN Productions, 7801 Audubon Road, Chanhassen, MN 55317 (612) 474-8555’ to one side with the number 117 to the other; sold with a framed display enclosing a used silk guitar strap, plectrum and image of Prince holding another cloud guitar and strap

* In 1994, Prince and Paisley Park commissioned Andy Beech to make a number of cloud guitars. Andy Beech ended up making 27 in total, including this one, which has been confirmed by the maker to be one of his. The guitar is stamped with an inventory number ‘PM16186’ to the back. This corresponding number can be found on a Paisley Park fax, dated January 1995, concerning the numbers of the then current cloud guitars, indicating that this one was the 13th made. The guitar is signed to the neck pickup cavity by Zeke Clarke. The strap that accompanies the guitar, is the type that Prince often used, a handmade silk strap with compartment for a wireless receiver. It is thought to have been used by Prince.

The vendor purchased this guitar through the NPG pop up store in Camden, London in July 1994. The transaction receipt and two letters concerning the sale are included with this lot. The vendor has also kindly supplied the following statement of provenance:

“I Placed my order with the NPG store, Camden, London for a Blue Cloud Guitar on the 29th June 1994. When placing the order, I asked if they could supply me with a matching guitar strap, the answer to which was yes, that should be fine. My order was dealt by Marie Poole the manageress of the NPG store and the wife of Chris Poole, Prince’s then UK public relations manager. I was sent a couple of letters regarding the order and initial delivery timing. Closer to the expected delivery time, I received a telephone call from Marie saying that Chris Poole had a business meeting with Prince at Paisley Park and therefore would be picking up the guitar and bringing it back to the UK personally. I was called by Marie to say that my guitar was at the NPG store ready to be collected. On arrival at the store I was greeted by Marie and was asked if I was sure that I wanted a blue Cloud and not a yellow one. I have never really understood why she seemed keen for me not to have the blue Cloud that I had ordered? I said I was sure that I wanted the Blue cloud as per my order.
Marie brought out my guitar in its case along with a brown paper NPG carrier bag, which contained the strap that I had requested. Marie told me that the strap along with a plectrum had been gifted from Prince and were used by himself. The strap is quite small not adjustable and clearly handmade, it had a strong smell of Princes cologne. I had the strap and plectrum framed, they have remained there since.”

Estimate £10,000 – 20,000 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)