D’Aquisto New Yorker seven string arch top guitar, made in USA, circa 1975, ser. no. 1092, signed and dated by the maker to the inner back, amber figured maple finish, pickguard with built-in floating Kent Armstrong pickup, hard case, condition: very good

*This guitar was custom-made for Howie Collins, a versatile guitarist whose credits range from Guitar Quintet of Bucky Pizzarelli to ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” (Dylan’s second album). This guitar comes with a purchase receipt from Gruhn Guitars, Nashville, USA to the sum of $32000, stating that the guitar is in exceptionally fine condition with original case with a plain and re-fret setup included. Further information about this guitar can be found on the Gruhn Guitars website at the address www.gruhn.com/features/NY7string/AR3873.html