Composite Burns Split Sound electric guitar, made in England, circa 1964, ser. no. 3×8; Finish: surf green; Fretboard: rosewood; Frets: good; Electrics: working; Hardware: good; Case: Gibson gig bag; Overall condition: good

*Purchased from David Crozier Guitars in 2013.  A copy of the original online listing is sold with the guitar which documents the known history as follows: ‘Eddie Cross was the engraver Burns used to make all their scratchplates, headstock logos and so on the 1960s.  The body of this guitar was found under Eddie’s bench.  It was ‘fully loaded’ but had not been sprayed and had the letters ‘SG’ in the neck pocket.  This was taken to suggest surf green, so the body was finished (beautifully) in this colour.  The unfrettted neck was also found under the bench and was thought to have been a pattern for fretting operations.  The neck is actually intended for a Split Sonic (as the eagle-eyed will have noticed from the headstock design).  The two were mated together with form the guitar you see before you.  Whatever the truth of the story, I bought this guitar some years ago because I was knocked out by the look of it.  All the Split Sound guitars tones are there and it makes a unique package.’

Estimate £300-500 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Sold for £460 June 12th 2019