Bruce Welch owned /The Shadows signed: 1979 Fender 25th anniversary Stratocaster electric guitar, made in USA, ser. no. 250143, white finish with heavy flaking, certificate of merit, hard case

*This guitar comes with a Shadows headed document from and signed by Bruce Welch stating ‘Sold to Max Kay on the 21st April 1982, my Fender Strat Anniversary serial number 250143’. It is thought that Bruce used this guitar in live performances with The Shadows and according to the vendor this guitar features in the video ‘The Shadows Live in Amsterdam’, circa early 1980s where it can be seen on a stand on stage. The guitar was later signed by Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett at the ‘Cliff and The Shadows 50th Anniversary Concert’ in Cardiff on 20th October 2009. Included in the sale are items from the concert including an event ticket, an event wristband, an event tabard, the concert programme, a framed limited edition gold disc and the pen used by the three to sign the guitar. The tweed guitar case bears Bruce Welch’s initials. 

Estimate £2500 – 3500

Not sold (16th June 2015)