Guitar by Jean-Baptiste Voboam, Paris 1699, formerly with five double courses of strings, the back, ribs and the underside of the neck overlaid with lozenges of gilt-backed red-stained tortoiseshell in a zigzag pattern, each segment divided by plain and intricate ivory and ebony purfling, the table, the fingerboard, the head and the sound hole edged with the same decorative purfling within an ebony and ivory pistagne border, the sound hole surround with a further band of mother of pearl segments set in black mastic, inset three-tier burnished gilt architectural rose, the pin bridge a later early 19th century replacement carrying six strings, the fingerboard and the face of the head with a central band of trapezoid mother of pearl and ebony segments, sixteen frets, the last four on the table, the head with shaped outline bearing ten ebony pegs mounted with ivory studs
Inscribed Voboam a Paris 1699 on a rectangular ivory plaque at the top of the head
Overall length 37¼in, 94.5cm; current string length 26½in, 67cm
*This guitar is listed by Florence Gétreau in her article ‘Recent Research about the Voboam Family’ in The Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society, Volume XXXI, 2005, pp 5 to 66 and illustrated in Figs 33-35, 37, 39 & 40. In her inventory of known guitars by the Voboam family it is listed as J-B3. Until recently it was on loan to the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague

Estimate £30,000 – 40,000

Sold for £120,000 (12th March 21015)