Six-course guitar, Italian, first half of the 18th century, the arched back of nine fluted ribs of ivory with extensive ebony scrollwork inlay, the ivory ribs similarly inlaid, the underside of the neck and a band at the back of the head overlaid with ivory with further ebony scrollwork inlay, the edge of the table inlaid with mother of pearl and ebony dogtoothing, the sound hole inlaid with three similar bands, the fingerboard and head edged en suite, the table also extensively inlaid with mother of pearl flowerheads linked by trailing mastic stems, later rosewood tie bridge, the interior entirely lined with parchment, the fingerboard and the face of the head overlaid with ebony with large rectangular and oval mother of pearl panels, currently with ten frets, ten rear-facing pegs, with cord sling wound with silver threads terminating in a tassel incorporating silver-gilt filigree garnitures
Overall length 33?in, 86cm; current string length 22?in, 57.3cm

Estimate £7000 – 10000

Sold for £11,000 (12th March 2015)