Joe Strummer – heavy duty blue tolex and aluminium guitar flight case inscribed ‘Joe Strummer, USA case #’ and ‘Gibson L.P stage right’ on white tape to the handle edge

*Sold with an authentication certificate from certified handwriting expert John Jameson-Davis stating; ‘I have examined the various known handwritings of Joe Strummer and compared them against the handwriting found on the guitar case. I have examined the video of Joe Strummer writing his name and other words in capital letters. Movement, form, arrangement, letter width, letter spacing, word spacing and letter structures and direction of the writing movements all concur supporting this left-handed writer. There are too many significant similarities for the likenesses to be attributed to chance or accident. My conclusion is that it is highly probable that the block capital handwriting on the guitar case was executed by Joe Strummer of The Clash’

Estimate £300 – 500 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Sold for £300 (8th March 2016)