Watkins Sitar electric guitar constructed by Keith Smart, Stagg hard case

*From the collection of Keith Smart. Keith worked for Sid Watkins circa 1979 and made copicats and also amp cabinets etc. This was the workshop that produced Watkins guitars, later Wilson guitars. Sid gave Keith a very old Watkins body and an early neck and bought the pickups from him. Keith painted the guitar and, years later, a friend cut a clear Perspex cover to shape the body to protect the paintwork and also fitted an EYB sitar bridge. The guitar was used in the studio with ’60s band Nirvana and can be heard on the song Orange and Blue. The guitar was also used with the band St. John’s Wood Affair during a recording of their album

Estimate £150 – 250 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Sold for £190 12th September 2018