Carlos Santana – Epiphone Les Paul Junior electric guitar, previously owned and signed by Carlos Santana, 2001

*This guitar was gifted to the vendor, Robbie Hart by Carlos Santana in 2001. At the time, Rob was the only solo Carlos Santana tribute act around. Santana came across Robbie’s website and was impressed by the act, as well as the in depth backing tracks that he had created, he then sent this guitar to him. The vendor has said that Santana had various guitars in different rooms around his house to enable him to quickly work out ideas that were in his head. This is one of the guitars. The guitar also comes with one of Santana’s plectrums, which Robbie found in one of Santana’s stage jackets that he also owns

Estimate £1000-1500

Sold for £1100 (16th March 2017)