Fender ‘Dan Smith’ Stratocaster electric guitar, made in USA, circa 1982, ser. no. E217808, olympic white finish, electrics in working order, condition: as new

*This guitar arrived within its original sealed shipment packaging and comes with tags, lead, strap and tremlo, the inspection tag for this guitar is stamped D. Smith

By the end of the 1970s, Stratocasters, these once wonderful instruments had developed a shocking reputation for poor quality. CBS recognised they were in trouble and hired a team of top people from Yamaha to turn the ship around, including Dan Smith who was put in charge of production. His first move was to get back to basics, cutting quantities right down and completely revamping production to restore quality levels to those of the glory days. The result was the 1982 ‘Dan Smith’ USA Stratocaster – the last design ever to be made on the original jigs as the factory was relocated very shortly afterwards

Estimate £1000 – 2000

Sold for £2100 (18th June 2015)