Gary Southwell A Series Fenland Black Oak steel string acoustic guitar, made in England, with Fenland black oak back and sides and spruce top, heel adjustable neck, Hiscox hard case, condition: very good

* This is the same guitar that is illustrated on Gary Southwell’s website to promote the A Series Fenland Black Oak model

**5,000 years ago a rise in sea level flooded the East Anglian Fenland basin which, at the time, was densely forested by gigantic oak trees. These spectacular trees died standing in salt water and eventually fell into the silt of what was once the forest floor, where they have been preserved under anaerobic conditions, until now

Fenland black oak (also known as bog oak) is challenging to dry, if successful the dried timber is the rarest and most valuable of hardwoods. It has many unique and beautiful qualities. Looking sensational, it has a density similar to rosewood and, most importantly makes wonderful sounding guitars

Estimate £5000 – 7000 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Not sold September 2017