Suzi Quatro – 1964 Fender Duo-Sonic electric guitar, made in USA, ser. no. L32875; Finish: natural, stripped back with traces of red visible, various scratches; Fretboard: rosewood, mild wear; Electrics: working; Hardware: generally good, top of bridge pickup cover removed, two replaced scratchplate screws; Case: later hard case; Overall condition: fair

*Provenance: Won by the vendor on Multi-Coloured Swap Shop in February 1977. Suzi Quatro appeared on the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop approximately the week of 12th February 1977. All guests bring an item to give away and Suzi left the Fender Duo Sonic Guitar. She left a question to viewers of which City & State she was born, which the vendor wrote in to the show giving the answer Detroit, Michigan. The following week, probably 19th February 1977, the vendors name was drawn out of a plastic sphere with all the correct answers in it. That week he received a phone call to ask him to go to the show in London to meet Noel Edmonds where Suzi Quatro would present the guitar in person. Suzi appeared on the show with John Miles and other artists as part of a super group performing a song. She presented the guitar live on the show on Saturday 26th February 1977 and has been kept in its case ever since.

**Sold with CITES A10 no. 588951/01

Estimate £800 – 1200 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Sold for £950 11th March 2020