1992 Mike Lipe The Lip left-handed five string bass guitar, inscribed ‘Custom Made for Nathanial 12/31/92’ to the back of the head; Finish: natural, various imperfections; Fretboard: rosewood; Frets: good; Electrics: working; Hardware: generally good, custom made leather pickguard; Case: gig bag; Overall condition: good

*This bass guitar was made by Mike Lipe in 1992. The guitar is sold with email correspondence between the vendor and Mike which states – ‘Well, the story of that bass is I was building at Ibanez at the time. I didn’t break out into my own guitars until 2000, but I would make a guitar or bass for special friends since I had a contract with Ibanez. That’s why that bass says The Lip. I was playing in a band with Nathanial at the time and he played bass. He played bass and sang great. His problem was that he was a free spirit and an artist with leather. I made him that bass because his got stolen… Enjoy the bass, Mike Lipe’

Mike Lipe has over 35 years experience as a master luthier, and has built guitars for many notable players including Brian May, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, George Benson and Carlos Santana to name but a few.
Mike Lipe began building guitars in the mid-seventies while working at a music store in Los Angeles. Eight years later he left to work for guitar manufacturer Mighty Mite. In 1983 he started his own business and became L.A.’s original Guitar Doctor. After six years of building and customizing guitars for some of L.A.’s most respected musicians, his business was purchased in 1989 by ‘Ibanez’ to become the ‘LA Custom Guitar Shop’ on the West Coast.
This custom 5 string bass (one off) was made by Mike Lipe in 1992 at the ‘LA Custom Shop’ and is confirmed with email correspondence between the vendor and Mike Lipe.

Estimate – £450 – 550 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Not sold 12th December 2018