1961 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, made in USA, ser. no, 71922, metallic red finish (refinish), refinish to back of the neck, later Fender tuners, re-fret, fret board has been smoothed over, replacement nut, replaced scratchplate & screws, replaced strap buttons, internal electrics appear okay aside from a coil switch that has been added however, access is limited due to short coil switch wire to check thoroughly, electrics in working order, original Selmer hard case with original purchase receipt and tags, condition: poor

*Provenance: This single owner guitar is from the estate a local collector. It was purchased by him in 1962 from Ken Watkinson Ltd. Cheltenham, the original receipt has been retained. The widow has stated that before he passed away, the original finish was stripped back. After his passing, the widow had the guitar sprayed to its original colour. He was known for tinkering with his guitars, as they were very much working instruments. This is evident from the many parts that have been replaced over time.

Estimate £3000 – 4000

Sold for £2800 (10th March 2016)