Gary Moore – Burns Sonic Model electric guitar, made in England, circa 1962; Finish: red, imperfections including buckle marks to the back and further blemishes; Fretboard: good; Frets: good; Electrics: working, repositioned bridge pickup; Hardware: later string tension bar, replaced nut, replaced control knobs, custom Four Aces card sticker applied to the scratchplate; Case: period correct fibreboard case; Overall condition: good

*Heard on the 2006 album ‘Close as You Get’ on the track ‘Hard Times’ and mentioned in Vintage Guitar magazine interview: Sept 2007

‘There’s a fairly distinct downward vibrato bar sound at the very end of “Hard Times.” Was a second guitar overdubbed for texture on that track??Yes. That’s a Burns Artist guitar from the ’60s with a tiny body. A friend was selling it. She didn’t play anymore and I thought it was really neat. It was great for playing the James Bond stuff. It’s got the original Burns pickups and was in really good condition. It had some cards, like the Ace of Spades, that someone had stuck on it. It looked like a really cool kid’s guitar. So that was the whammy bar on that track in a couple of places. You can hear the noise of the springs kind of catching at the end. It’s got a personality. It’s important, sometimes, to have that. It just gives the song a little bit of character.’

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