1961 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, made in USA, ser. no. 3xxx4, neck pencil date 8-61, all three pots date to 1961, ‘Fender Pink’ refinish, re-fretted and neck refinished with 1961 decals to the head, wear to frets, neck and middle pickups rewound, electrics in working order, later hard case, condition: good

*Sold with CITES article 10 certificate no. 549472/01.  This lot is subject to CITES regulations if exporting outside of the EU

Provenance: this guitar was purchased by the vendor in a private sale on 23rd July 1984 in Melksham, Wiltshire. When purchased, the guitar had been poorly refinished in brown stain and polyurethane varnish and with ’70s Fender decals on the headstock. The top fret was missing, the scratchplate was badly marked and the neck and middle pickups were in need of rewinding. In August 1984, the vendor took the guitar to Dick Knight, who refinished the body and neck as well as giving the guitar the correct decals. A new nut was added and the scratchplate damage was polished out. The neck and middle pickups were rewound by Kent Armstrong in November 1985 – 10,000 turns with 0.056mm wire

Estimate £3000 – 5000

Sold for £4000 (8th December 2016)