Fender Esquire electric guitar, made in USA, 1951, ser. no. 0690, neck date TK2-1-51 and body dated TK1/27/51, butterscotch finish worn and with similar wear to the fretboard, bridge saddles and tuners replaced with like-for-like examples, although the originals are retained with the lot, original form fit case; also sold with hardback copy book, Nacho Banos – The Blackguard: A Detailed History of the Early Fender Telecaster Years 1950-1954, book number 0690 to match the serial number of the guitar

*PROVENANCE: the current owner purchased this guitar in 2007. A letter from the previous owners to the current owner dated 6th September 2007 reads:- To whom it may concern, 1951 Fender Esquire S/N 0690.
We purchased this Fender Esquire in November 1979 from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee and it has been our sole possession since that date.
It was loaned to Terry Britten for a couple of days when he wanted that 50s rock n roll Fender sound for a song he had written called ‘What You Get is What You See’ being recorded by Tina Turner on her Break Every Rule album.
Terry told me after the recording session Eric Clapton was passing the studio whilst the recording was taking place and was interested to see and play the Esquire and Terry persuaded him to play the solo on that track on that guitar.

Also supplied is an original certificate from Gruhn Guitars of Nashville,Tennessee, USA, dated 29th November 1979, which reads:- We certify that the guitar described herein is, in our opinion, a Fender Esquire made in the year 1951.
Description: serial number: ‘0690. The neck is dated 2-1-51. This guitar fully conforms to the standard catalogue description of the Esquire of this period with black pickguard, brass bridges and pickup with level pole bars. As is typical of guitars of this period, the serial number is located on the bridge plate rather than the neck fastening plate on the rear of the body. This is an extremely, very early, model Esquire which is very similar in features to the Fender Broadcaster. Overall appearance of this instrument is good, although the original finish is somewhat worn. The guitar comes with the original form fit case. This is an extremely rare item which would be sought after by collectors and musicians due to its fine tone, excellent structure, as well as its rarity. Signed George Gruhn

This guitar is referenced in A.R. Duchossoir – Guitar Identification.

Estimate £25,000 – 35,000