Bob Dylan – 1962 Fender Gold Sparkle Stratocaster electric guitar, made in USA, ser. no. L39491, previously owned by Bob Dylan, later gifted to Cesar Diaz, Dylan’s then tech and guitarist, Fender factory gold sparkle refinish by J. Black (former Fender Master Builder) and signed to the neck pocket, within original brown tolex hard case

*Sold with various documents of provenance including:

A signed statement of provenance from Cesar Diaz, Bob Dylan’s guitar and amp tech for three years and guitar player for one year, stating ‘To whom it may concern: Stratocaster serial # L39461 gold sparkle (bye bye Bob) 1962 given to me by Bob Dylan. Along with silver sparkle Telecaster. Finish at Fender for Bob Dylan. Is clear of all faults and owners! I attest that it indeed belonged to Bob Dylan and that it is in perfect original condition. Sold to Rich Hogue at Garrett Park Guitars by Cesar Diaz, dated 7-18-91’

A copy of the Fender invoice made out to Cesar Diaz C/o Bob Dylan for ‘Refinish 1962 Stratocaster serial # L39461 – to gold sparkle per Bob’s specification’ (note the one-digit serial number typo)

A signed letter of provenance from Zeke Schein, long time salesman at Matt Uminov Guitars stating ‘This 1962 Stratocaster was sold at Matt Uminov Guitars in the mid-1990s. I worked there and remember that the guitar was owned and played on-stage by Bob Dylan. It came with photos of Bob playing the guitar. The gold sparkle finish was done by Jay Black. Cesar Diaz was involved with our acquisition of the guitar, but I can’t recall in what capacity. The guitar sold for $50000 at that time. It’s rare and cool, congratulations to the next owner. Sincerely Zeke Schein, dated November 12th 2018’

A copy letter of provenance on headed paper from Guitar Point, Maintal, Germany from then-owner Detlef Alder stating ‘I Detlef Alder, owner of vintage guitar store Guitar Point in Maintal/Germany, verify the following: the instrument 1962 Fender Stratocaster – gold sparkle (formerly owned by Bob Dylan) with the serial number: L39491 has been purchased from me directly from the former owner, who purchased the above mentioned guitar directly from Matt Uminov/New York. The former owner is personally known by Matt Uminov. In the paperwork which comes with the instrument the above mentioned described Fender Stratocaster is mentioned with a similar serial number L39461, which was probably a mistake done by Cesar Diaz and/or the Fender custom shop. Without any doubt, do not exist two similar instruments with similar serial numbers and the same history! It was clearly a ‘typo’ which went through over the years. The attached paperwork from the Fender custom shop and Bob Dylan’s technician Cesar Diaz stating the instrument with serial number L39461 definitely belong and always were attached to the instrument 1962 Fender Stratocaster – gold sparkle with serial number L39491! It was clearly a typo, when the 9 was mixed up with a six! With best regards, signed, dated 12th January 2017′

A laminated instrument profile originality checklist by Detlev Alder at Guitar Point

A German issued passport type CITES certificate number DE-DA-13032224

A laminated obituary for Cesar Diaz taken from the 20th Century Guitar magazine, June 2002

Estimate £40,000 – 80,000 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)