Pink Floyd – Ampeg Model V-4 guitar amplifier head, ser. no. 108582; with Ampeg V-4 speaker cabinet, ser. no. 124874, within an Anvill flight case bearing three ‘Pink Floyd, Fragile’ stencils to the front, back and top, also bearing a stencilled stage position number ‘ST72’ to the front, top and sides, the top of the case bearing tape inscribed ‘Wall, Berlin’ and another inscribed ‘Third Rehearsal’, also a Pan Am cargo label

*This amplifier was purchased by the vendor via Roger Waters’ tech after his own amplifier broke down. The vendor later acquired an email from Pete Cornish (a renowned tech who worked on Pink Floyd’s gear), stating that he converted the amp and installed the new mains lead in September/ October 1979. Pete also confirms that the PAT test sticker on the back dated 3/9/79, is one of his and that this serial number matches an invoice made out to ‘Pink Floyd Music’. The ‘Wall, Berlin’ label, would suggest that the amp was later used for Roger Waters’ 1990 ‘The Wall – Live in Berlin’

Phil Taylor, David Gilmours backline technician since 1974 has supplied us with the following statement: “The Ampeg V4 amp and cabinet are part of the 2 x V4 heads and 3 x 4×12 cabinets that were purchased for Pink Floyd by myself from Hanich Music in West Covina, CA in May 1977. Grover Jackson at Anvil cases organised making the flight cases for them. These were purchased at the request of Snowy White who was the second guitar player – replacing the Fender Dual Showmans that he had been using up until then on the Pink Floyd Animals Tour 1977 – he used the Ampegs on the second US leg in June and July 1977. I had Pete Cornish work on the amps in 1979 to service, re tap the voltage etc. as part of my preparations for the original ‘The Wall’ shows rehearsals in late 1979 as Snowy would be playing. However, Snowy choose to use a combination of a Fender Dual Showman with 2 x15 cab and a Hiwatt 100 with WEM 4×12 cab -the Ampegs were not used again on Pink Floyd shows. Their ownership passed to Roger Waters in the early 1980’s when Pink Floyd equipment assets were split.

ST72 – designation: -ST =on stage equipment, 72 = case and contents number.”

Estimate £2000 – 4000 (Buyers Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @20%)

Sold for £2600 12th September 2018