The home page

The home page on this theme is very customizable. You have the option of adding:

  • Slideshow
  • Home page widget 1
  • Tab panel
  • Home page articles
  • Featured pages
  • Home page widget 2
  • Blog posts
  • Home page widget 3
  • Footer
  • Footer Widgets

The above list also reflects the order of the elements.

All content on the home page is pulled from other areas on the website. The home page can not be edited directly.

Creating a slideshow

Create a category

Slides are custom post-types in this theme, and can be categorized, just like general blog posts. You should start by creating a category for home page slides.

  1. Slides > Slideshow Categories
  2. Add new cateogory

You have the option of using either Cycle slider or Accordion slider. You select what slideshow to use on the home page in Theme options > Slideshow

Create a slide

  1. Make a new post from the post type Slides
  2. Enter a title
  3. Add excerpt
  4. Insert an image via the Featured image panel
  5. In the field Button text, write the text you want to display in the button (Optional. Button is only used on cycle slider, and not in Accordion).
  6. In the field Link URL, write the path to the post/page you want the slide to link to.
  7. Publish post

You have now created a slide for the slideshow.

You can hide the slideshow at any time by unchecking “Display slideshow” in the theme options panel (Theme options > Slideshow)

Adding articles to the the home page

This is done in Theme options > Home page, where you can select pages for home article 1 and home article 2.

Adding content to the tab panel on the home page

The tab panel consists of pages and a random testimonial for each tab.

When creating/editing a page, tick the checkbox named Tab panel in the Page Meta Panel. It will create a tab and displays the pages content.

Adding “Featured pages” to home page

When creating/editing a page, tick the checkbox named Featured page in the Page Meta Panel. It will display Title, Featured image, excerpt and a “read more” button in the home page content area.

Adding blog to home page

Go to Theme options > Home page, and check “Display blog on home page. Enter the number of posts to display per page, and select blog layout.

Adding page content from another page to the home page

You can add any page to your home page by using the Phi Page Widget. This widget will display the content from a selected page.

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets and add a PHI PAGE WIDGET to any of the three home page widget areas.
  2. Enter a title
  3. Select page to display in dropdown list